Science, Nature and Climate Competition

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This competition is about wonder and imagination. The wonder of science and nature AND imagining how we could stop the worst aspects of the climate crisis.

©Photograph: JM Image Factory/Getty Images

To enter, answer the questions shown on the competition page on LearnPath – the more detail you give, the more points you will gain for each answer.

Year 7

If you prefer, you can make a poster about the wonder of trees. You can pick one particular species or generalise. Think about:

  • When did the first trees grow on Earth?
  • When did certain species evolve?
  • What biodiversity and species do they support? How?
  • How long can they live for?
  • What threatens them?
  • How do they communicate?
  • It can be ANYTHING!

RPs will be awarded for the amazing facts and ideas you share AND the sophistication of your design. Amaze us 🙂

Closing date for entries, Thursday 15th December.