Summer Term Competition

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Complementing our new display in Upper Library (thank you to everyone who contributed a sea creature!)

The Sea

RPs and prizes – two ways to enter…

  1. Create a marine artwork or collage using materials of your choice (paper, clay, paints, papier-mâché, textiles etc.). Your artwork or collage can be real or imagined.
  1. Write a story or poem set in the sea or seaside. Your story or poem must include:
  • the words – barnacle, driftwood, expanse, pirate, sand, seaweed, shipwreck, storm, sunset, toes
  • a kind of cephlapod, a kind of bird, a shade of green, a shade of blue

Note: your story does not have to be about a pirate or shipwreck – it just has to include these words.

Closing date for entries, Friday 7th July 2022

RPs awarded for all entries clearly showing effort and imagination!

Good luck!