Our team of Student Librarians are invaluable to the running of our Main School Library and undertake high levels of responsibility – staffing the library desk, renewing, returning and reserving books, reshelving and using their book knowledge to make recommendations to our students.

“I love helping behind the counter, scanning
and helping students, I feel very special”

“I enjoy sharing my passion for reading”

“It gives you experience and I like
socialising with other year groups”

This year, our Student Librarians are Aicha, Amina, Emelia, Eshaal, Falaq, Humaira, Martha, Maruh, Safiyyah, Salma, Sarah, Sofiyyah, Sumayah, Umaiza, Yasmina, Zahra, Zarah & Zunairah.

Vacancies are advertised in September and Year 8 and Year 9 students who love reading and enjoy helping others are welcome to apply. Most of our Student Librarians remain in post until leaving Year 10 and so vacancies are rare and desirable.